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Valheim: A Complete Guide to Every Item and Spawn Code

Valheim is full of items to discover, whether you're after resources such as ores and wood or even weapons and armor, IGN has you covered with a complete list of every spawn code and item that is available to craft and find in-game.

Ant-Man Is the Latest Marvel Superhero to Join Fortnite

Ant-Man is the latest Marvel superhero to arrive in Fortnite, and the teases leading up to his arrival were a tiny bit hilarious.

Genshin Impact's Next Update Adds a Dating Sim and the Windblume Festival

Genshin Impact's version 1.4 update will add the Windblume Festival, a mini-dating sim, and a new 4-star character named Rosaria "Thorny Benevolence."

Bowser's Fury: Where to Find All the Lake Lapcat Cat Shines

There's plenty of Cat Shines hiding across Lake Lapcat in Bowser's Fury - see where to find them all.

Watch Dogs Legion Online Co-Op Delayed on PC

Due to a potential game crashing bug, Watch Dogs Legion's online co-op on PC has been delayed.

Valheim: How to Increase Your Inventory Space and Carry Weight

Learn how to increase your inventory space and carry weight with these rather simple tips and tricks.

How Batman Is Helping Expand the Fortnite Multiverse

We chat with two of the creators behind Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point to learn why this crossover comic book has major implications for the Fortnite universe

Persona 5 Strikers Recipe Guide

Here's how you can get the recipes for all kinds of dishes.

Valheim Sailing Guide: How to Build and Sail a Ship

From understanding the basic controls of sailing a ship to navigating effects that the wind can have on your voyage, IGN has you covered in our complete guide that details everything you need to know about sailing in Valheim.

Xbox Is Working to Resolve Unresponsive Controller Button Issue

The Xbox Series X controller appears to issues with unresponsive buttons, and Microsoft is working on a fix.

Solve Every Challenge in Maquette With This Complete Guide

Stumped on a puzzle? Get a hint or the answer to your roadblock with this guide.

Marvel’s Avengers Keeps Fixing The Wrong Problems

The announcement of a major XP grind rework is the latest sign that Marvel’s Avengers continues to address the problems that aren’t its biggest issues.

Pringles' Newest Flavour Tastes Like an Extinct Animal... From Halo: Reach

Pringles' newest flavor is literally from another universe. The Moa Burger is made from a flightless bird featured in Halo: Reach, and it's available for a limited-time at Walmart.

Control Developer's Games for Epic are Set in a 'Shared Universe'

Remedy Entertainment's two Epic Games-funded projects will be set in a shared universe.

IGN UK Podcast #582: Outriders Is an Electro-Freaking Good Time

Outriders, WandaVision, Aliens: Fireteam, Maquette and conkers.

Pokemon Face-Off: Which Pocket Monster Is the Very Best?

In celebration of Pokemon's 25th anniversary, we need your help in deciding who the very best Pokemon is!

Diablo 2: Resurrected Players Can Import Their Ancient Diablo 2 Save Files

Players will be able to import their ancient Diablo 2 saves into Diablo 2: Resurrected, Blizzard has revealed.

Outriders Demo Getting Patch, Legendaries Will Be Harder to Farm

People Can Fly is patching the Outriders demo to address bugs, implement requested features and stop players from farming legendary items with an exploit.

Hogwarts Legacy Lead Designer Quits Following YouTube Controversy

Hogwarts Legacy lead designer Troy Leavitt has left developer Avalanche Software, following controversy around his YouTube channel.

Valheim: How to Find Burial Chambers

Looking to summon The Elder? Let IGN guide you through everything you need to know about finding Burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome of Valheim.